Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Fashion Jewerly Year in Review

Wow, what a wonderful year 2011 was!
It was kicked off with Whites-&-Blacks for the late Winter season… a little boring for my taste but always elegant and chic!
For mother’s day, artisan and tribal jewelry was on hype for trendy fashion-forward but earthy moms; our Pajaro Limon exclusive designer brought in a beautiful collection inspired by the Sahara desert and Africa’s wilderness... so elegant! 

The Spring season brought in all the glamour and red carpet flash of Cannes… solids was the theme for dresses, which always allows the accessories to be at the center of all camera lenses.

And for Summer, we submerged in color… got Color? If not, you missed it…  neon, mismatching prints, animal fabrics... Color overflowed catwalks all over the world… and jewelry was not the exception… silver necklaces with colorful stones, beautiful fashion bracelets with bright yet delicate colorful applications were definitely on style. Two of our designers, introduced collections with plenty of color; Lattimo glass jewelry brought in affordable yet classy colorful pieces ranging from earrings through bracelets and beautiful necklaces. Sergio Gutierrez on the other hand, added beautiful stones to its famous best selling Liquid Metal Collection pieces we all learned to love a long time ago.
If this was a year of color, it was also the year of weddings; the royal wedding of William and Kate brought us Hats galore, among many other beautiful accessories; and don’t forget our newly beloved Pippa. Then Alberto of Monaco married Charlene Wittstock from South Africa; another commoner marrying into royalty. And jewelry was definitely invited to the feast!
As summer neared the end, we collected a ton of red carpet fashion pictures from all movie launches and premiers; we saw Katy Perry in smurf-like accessories, Mila Kunis in amazing bracelet matching its beautiful red dress in the “Friends with benefits” premier.
And to wrap up an amazing year in fashion, we followed the latest Sergio Gutierrez collection “Together” along with many other holiday appropriate jewelry designers. They brought master pieces to shine during this season festivities.
As we turn the page on 2011, and begin to look into 2012, we are excited about what’s in the horizon; we can´t wait to share with you the story about our newly signed designer… I can’t share it with you now just yet but I promise this: YOU will LOVE her! She will add glamour, fashion, feminine touches to our galleria of designers and uniquely designed jewelry. She “has a universal appreciation for beauty, so her designs are intended to enhance women from all cultures”. Stay tuned for more, and check our website for updates

But for now, thank you for following my blog; I hope it has brought you interesting fashion tips, some smiles and a relaxing read. Thank you for making 2011 a great year in sales, fashion, jewelry and accessories.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday season…the perfect excuse to accessorize

The Holiday season is upon us… It all begins with Thanksgiving Day… full of turkey and family reunions... then it is followed by Christmas (presents, carrolls, more food) and New Years Eve (more food), full of festivities and parties. I really love this part of the year… but I don’t want to go into details when it comes to all the food and drinks that come with it, I just don’t want to get stressed out before it even begins, I want to talk about the gifts, the fashion and the accessories that come with this beautiful time of the year.

One of the reasons why I love so much this season it’s because I love how cities dress up and accessorize to look accordingly; I love the lights, the decorations and just the feeling and the different air you can breath… Moscow lights are to die for, and New York city becomes a magical sight; Sidney, Los Angeles, Paris... the world is a happier place; presents are exchanged and we all want to do our good deed before the year is over: it’s giving season!!! 

The second reason why I love this time of the year it’s because you have so many family and friend reunions that you get to wear amazing fall and winter clothes combined with the best accessories out there.
Starting with all the beautiful scarves, hats, jackets, sweaters and gloves that help you go through the painful cold weather. Layers and layers, chic, elegant, comfortable, and warm.

… and finishing with the traditional yet modern and fashionable bracelets, earrings and necklaces you can wear to make you look incredible and season ready. How about Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal fashion bracelet, or chic necklace; or glassy collection by Lattimo?

So before you eat turkey until feeling sick, and before you put up the Christmas tree, before you buy last minute presents for close friends and family, before you get singing Christmas carrolls, or go to the mall to see Santa… before you do all that: Check your closet, check your wardrobe, and ask yourself: are you ready for next year? Do you have what it takes to begin the year shining? Are you wearing the same sweater for the third year in a row to the thanksgiving reunion? Or the same necklace and the same boring bracelet?.

If so, it may be the right time to accessorize, and just like some of the most outstanding cities in the world do, wear the best of your collection, be the center of attraction, the target of all looks, and shine at this holiday reunions at the office with friends and family, wearing amazing jewelry, accessories which can transform your everyday look into an icon: Accessorize!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Carpet ready

It’s summer time!... and what a perfect time for the premier of awesome and fun movies It also give us, “fashion addicts”, some of the best collections of dresses and accessories on the red carpet. To stay focused, and just talk about fashion and red carpet I picked four movies that I think people are going to love… and since I’m not a movie critic,  I’m going to talk about what I like the most: Fashion!.

First we are going to check the “Friends with benefits” premier gala with beautiful Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. Let me say that she just looks sexy, classy, beautiful and happy in her form-fitting, three-quarter length red dress… I guess being right next to her co-star Timberlake would make anybody happy and look radiant. She adorned her look with a nice bracelet that complemented her look very well. He also looks great in his grey suit. What a perfect couple (gossip gossip gossip)!

Next stop is the “Smurfs” premier with beautiful and exotic Sofia Vergara (we love this Colombian beauty); did you see the earrings and bracelets she is wearing? Of course I love the dress but I have something special with accessories and she wore really modern yet elegant jewelry; perfect colors for summer …she was looking amazing.
Katy Perry is showing us another way to accessorize our look… yes, I am talking about the nails and how she “smurf” them for the movie premier. I personally wouldn’t go to work or out to a cocktail with smurf-like nails but the fashion industry is all about innovation!

The “Crazy Stupid Love” premier to me looked a little dark for summer time but I have to say, Emma Stone looked sexy and stunning in her black lacy outfit and I really liked how she wore those earrings, very good match for her makeup and hair.
My second favorite is going to be Marisa Tomel not only because of her dress but also her colorful bracelet perfect for summer and a nice complement for her champagne grey silky dress.

And my last movie, “Horrible bosses” with Jennifer Aniston. I don’t know what it is, but I just love her and the sense of fashion she has. In these pictures we can see her at the London and LA movie premier.
On the left, now at the London premier, she is wearing a Valentino dress in which I think she looks young, modern and very sophisticated, love her shoes and her hair. For the LA premier (right picture) se is looking sexier, wearing a short and sparkly black Balenciaga dress.

Not that many accessories to talk about for her but everything she wears is amazing and a perfect example of what fashion is all about; she looks so comfortable and confident that makes her look even better. Love her!

So, before you go out, check for fashion bracelets that can make you gorgeous, add a glass necklace, or beautiful artisan earrings accessorize, look pretty, be pretty… Check the movies out, make them your own premier, and rock the red carpet. Accessorize and be Pretty! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Check our latest accessories: fashion bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from liquid metal jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez, tribal artisan bracelets by Pajaro Limon, glassy colorful necklaces by Lattimo, and silver earrings by NOI.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Icing on the Cake

And history repeats itself; another Prince is marrying a commoner against all family traditions in Europe monarchies. Few years ago Prince Felipe of Spain married (gorgeous) Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, a broadcast journalist… I remember waking up at three a.m. to watch this big event.
Then, I’m sure you all know about (unless you were in Jupiter for the last three months) Prince William, now named “Duke of Cambridge” after marrying (classy) Kate Middelton a British commoner that we all love…and we love how fashionable she is.
Finally this past weekend, another royalty wedding took place, Prince Albert of Monaco married commoner Charlene Wittstock, a South African Olympic swimmer; and as expected in this kind of events it was another weekend of delightful fashion, dresses, glamour and off course: accessories which in my world are the icing on the cake!

Yes we all heard the rumors of the Prince having an 18-month-old baby with another woman, and Charlene making three attempts to leave for South Africa… but that’s the least of my concerns, the wedding came through and along came the fashion!

As always let’s begin with the bride who wore a beautiful off-white Giorgio Armani dress (which took 2,500 hours to make) for the religious ceremony… and the accessories: her veil and bouquet.
The veil was adorned with a beautiful headpiece; a crystal floral accessory used to secure her hair…an elegant and sophisticated jewelry to complement her wedding look.
As always, in this type of events, the attendees also give us a lot to talk about in terms of fashion. Here I have a few examples; Karolina Kurkova, wearing a lovely headband as her hair accessory, Charlotte of Monaco with another fashionable accessory for her hair and face that to me is a classic but sophisticated piece that made her look elegant but fashion-forward at the same time. Finally I have Roberta Armani and Naomi Campbell with the traditional royal accessory: the hats; both looking beautiful and perfect for the occasion.
…and the icing on the cake: an enormous 5-tier cake hopefully enough for the 850 VIP guests who joined the new couple in celebration… so even for a wedding the highlight of the event were the accessories!!!
So, before you go out, check for fashion bracelets that can make you gorgeous, add a glass necklace or beautiful artisan earrings … accessorize!, look pretty, be pretty… remember: the icing is on the cake!

Check our latest accessories: fashion bracelets, necklaces, and earrings from liquid metal jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez, tribal artisan bracelets by Pajaro Limon, glassy colorful necklaces by Lattimo, and silver earrings by NOI.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Got Color?

So what’s hot this summer? Definitely colors and tons of them…

Fashion designers agree on the simple fact that “One of the outstanding spring summer 2011 trends are Neons. All over color or trim Neon will be a great way to make expression this spring and summer. Bright rainbow colors are mixed and matched with neons. Such as electric blue, hot pink, lime green, purple, fluorescent orange and yellow.”

Additionally, when it gets to prints, electric is the way to go; “This spring/ summer trend for 2011 designers are breaking the traditional rule of print by mixing unique patterns together. This season mixes different type of floral and animal prints. The dominated patterns themes of the season are plaids, paisley, floral, animal print, stripes and even fruit.  Be confident and wear them all at once.”

As far as fashion jewelry and accessories, we’re confident that bright colors and hues will dominate this summer over the 80s fashion stripes and polka-dots.  All over fashion boards, blogs and magazines we’re seeing acrylic beads (which are available in different colors) working great to make colorful summer jewelry.

Another trend this colorful summer for jewelry is the earthly, natural look. Materials such as shell and wood are in great demand this summer fashion season. Shells, gemstones and wood beads are great options for this summer to make a style statement. The idea is to mimic or replicate elements found in nature, especially those stuffs without structure. Let chunky stones be your best friend this season. But always use color!

And if you’re going with colors, go edgy… go all the way, let your accessories make a statement of how beautiful you are… let the fashion bracelet and artisan necklace transform that every day look you have into a fresh yet powerful summer diva. As I always say, accessories can transform (almost) every look. Lady Gaga didn’t become an icon by dressing safe… not that you need to go out inside an egg, but take some risk this summer, add some neon, some electric prints, earthy fashion jewelry, and definitely COLOR.

If you have plain silver… add a colorful stone! For the everyday look, mix bright colorful glass!

Enjoy this summer and before you go out, ask yourself… Got Color?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Accessories can improve (almost!) every look

I was flying back from France to Miami on a “close-to-ten” hours non-stop fly… my only thought while enjoying first class pampering service was to catch up on email, and updating my blog… after fighting the French cab driver, security at the airport, and an early check in, I finally sat on my well deserved seat…
After being surrounded with all the glamour that a festival like Cannes can bring you, with designer dresses and the best accessories from all around the world …

There she was, the comfortable cougar first-class-traveler with her LV handbag/carryon combo, 100 carat ring, votox lips, multi plastic surgery, hair extensions and bling bling everywhere… you get the picture… and yes… pink sweatpants!!!

I have to tell you, I know I always say and strongly believe that accessories have the power to change any look, to transform the most common attire into an iconic statement of fashion… well now I have to say: accessories can improve “ALMOST” every look… if there is a look accessories can’t help is the “confi-sweatpant (juicy sign in the butt)” look…

I’m sorry but there’s nothing you can do about it… there is nothing any accessory can do to help… there’s no project runway challenge, no emergency make-over or fashion police who can save this from disaster…

There is no fashion necklace, pair of earrings, hat, bag, bracelet or watch that can help this look… Nothing! Nada! Zero!
So, I now stand corrected… Accessories can improve (almost) every look… and unless you have a closet full of sweatpants, enjoy accessorizing…

Friday, May 13, 2011

The best of Cannes is about to begin!

So, what makes the Cannes Festival a special event???

I began to put together a list of things which to me make Cannes one of (if not the) most glamorous event(s) of the year!!
  • Amazing Cultural Mix: Allow me to start by saying when you mix such a variety of cultures you end up with a perfect combination of amazing fashion. Artists from all around the world get together to showcase their own work but also to admire the work of other great actors, actresses, directors and producers… no matter the language and the nationality, they’re ALL there… by the way did you know that this year’s guest of honor is the Egyptian film culture? I am pretty sure we’re going to see a great display of dresses, jewelry, accessories and much more all together in one place.

  • Great films: I can’t talk about Cannes Festival and without mentioning it’s movies, documentaries, short and long that get to be displayed for the first time… all in one place...

  • This isn’t Hollywood: No Steve-O’s or Flavor Flav … nope… this is an exclusive event, only the best more gifted artist are invited there, so expect beautiful people, with class, glamour, and fashion sense… ready to have some fun

  • A Beautiful City: As a final touch I have to include the city, Cannes itself, as a paramount element adding the ribbon to a perfect event; it’s simply a beautiful place….

Summing it all up, get ready to enjoy an extraordinary mixed of cultures, selected and exclusive invitees with great sense of fashion, gathered to admired some of the best in cinematography under the beautiful Cannes sky.
Don’t miss it and enjoy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

All Moms are beautiful

We are only a couple of days away from Mother’s Day and what a perfect day to show MOM how much we love her and care for how she feels and looks. So, I found this day as the perfect occasion to give her something unique, something that she will always remembered as your Mother’s Day gift and the most important….that she will feel beautiful, chic, elegant and sophisticated, with a little edge… because we believe All Moms Are Beautiful.
I decided to put together a few pieces that I strongly believe make the perfect gift for Mom and no matters what her style is, she will feel pretty, beautiful… because each piece embraces different personalities and styles.
I consider myself a bit exotic; therefore the first piece I want to show is all about exotic, tribal and artisan jewelry. This is a Pajaro Limon (pah’-hah-ro le-mone’) beautiful bracelet made in brass and cooper that meshed together form the shape of a surreal parrot and embracing a tree leave. []

My second suggestion for Mother’s Day gift is a Liquid Metal bracelet; more edgy, modern, but red-carpet ready designed by famous and friend of the MetalReaction family Sergio Gutierrez; as you may know many celebrities including beautiful Annete Bening have worn Sergio’s Liquid Metal designs. []

Next I want to introduce you to Lattimo, a glassy collection full of colors and shapes. This necklace, made in chain and adorned with five colored glass jewelry pieces is perfect for and everyday mom who wants to feel young and happy [].

And my last suggestion comes from NOI; all the pieces on this collection are made in pure South American silver. I personally love these earrings; the shape is very unique and chic… they are perfect for any accessorizing any look and feel pretty in any occasion [].

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!! We believe All Moms are beautiful

Check our latest accessories: liquid metal jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez, tribal artisan bracelets by Pajaro Limon, glassy colorful necklaces by Lattimo, and silver earrings by Noi