Friday, May 13, 2011

The best of Cannes is about to begin!

So, what makes the Cannes Festival a special event???

I began to put together a list of things which to me make Cannes one of (if not the) most glamorous event(s) of the year!!
  • Amazing Cultural Mix: Allow me to start by saying when you mix such a variety of cultures you end up with a perfect combination of amazing fashion. Artists from all around the world get together to showcase their own work but also to admire the work of other great actors, actresses, directors and producers… no matter the language and the nationality, they’re ALL there… by the way did you know that this year’s guest of honor is the Egyptian film culture? I am pretty sure we’re going to see a great display of dresses, jewelry, accessories and much more all together in one place.

  • Great films: I can’t talk about Cannes Festival and without mentioning it’s movies, documentaries, short and long that get to be displayed for the first time… all in one place...

  • This isn’t Hollywood: No Steve-O’s or Flavor Flav … nope… this is an exclusive event, only the best more gifted artist are invited there, so expect beautiful people, with class, glamour, and fashion sense… ready to have some fun

  • A Beautiful City: As a final touch I have to include the city, Cannes itself, as a paramount element adding the ribbon to a perfect event; it’s simply a beautiful place….

Summing it all up, get ready to enjoy an extraordinary mixed of cultures, selected and exclusive invitees with great sense of fashion, gathered to admired some of the best in cinematography under the beautiful Cannes sky.
Don’t miss it and enjoy!


  1. Totally agree, I'm hooked with Cannes. Just saw the red carpet pics and I want to be there.

  2. Cannes Festival is a great event...I completely agree with your 4 reasons to love it; but I specially like the fashion you get to see on the red carpets.