Monday, March 25, 2013

Ibiza Passion Jewelry - Our new Designer

We love accessories and for that reason we love when we have the opportunity to bring to our online jewelry boutique new, fresh and innovative designers. This time we want you to meet Ibiza Passion!

Ibiza Passion brings a fresh-yet-sophisticated jewelry collection directly from Spain, full of hippie-chic, Boho-chic and other Fashion Forward trends to our on-line boutique. Ibiza Passion wants you to have fun with every jewelry piece and become a “Passionista”.

Take a look at some of the beautiful pieces. To see more visit

Ibiza Passion jewelry offers a great variety of products and designs with different shapes and lots of beads and charms!

So, if you are a designer with great ideas and want to join our jewelry boutique, just let us know! We would love to have you with us! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who is your Valentine?

I decided for the first time to look into the definition of Valentine and this is what I found: “A person to whom one send such a card or whom one asks to be one’s sweetheart”.
Let’s say that I agree with the definition, but I also think that this is the perfect time to make your Valentine shine with a beautiful gift other than just a card!

No matter if she is classic or modern, edgy or sophisticated we can guide you to that perfect gift.

Classic Liquid Metal Collection bracelet B10

Edgy Liquid Metal Collection necklace N5

Modern Liquid Metal Collection bracelet B79

Sophisticated Liquid Metal Collection necklace N15

All those beautiful jewelry pieces can be perfectly combined with any of these gorgeous earrings:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Your Metal Reaction shopping list

We love Christmas for many reasons… family special time, seeing old friends, lost of decorations, presents galore, amazing food and lots of special parties!!! But what I love the most is that you get the opportunity to give and receive. Did you make your list for your Santa? Were you good or were you naughty?

We can help you find that special gift for your love one or why not, even for yourself.
It is time to shine with beautiful accessories that are going to make that Christmas outfit look even better!

Liquid Metal designer Sergio Gutierrez has a variety of bracelets, earrings and necklaces that you can’t resist…here are my suggestions.

Beautiful Liquid Metal bracelet B10 is adorned with Sergio's classic diamond design


And shine this Holidays!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It’s all about the Nails!

The latest trend these days is nails… you can find all kinds of colors… and not only that, now you can accessorize your nails with sparkles and textures I haven’t seen before. It became a real accessory after all!!!

And because I am obsessed with accessories I decided to learn more about the latest trend in nails.

I found out that you can still go with a traditional look…reds, purples and berries are very hot this fall!

Or you can add some sparkles and texture to your nails for special occasions or simply just for fun!

You can go a little bit more romantic and add some lace to your pink nails… so much fun!

And finally, for those who like a more exotic approach, you can pick the leopard, the tiger or the zebra and make your nails go crazy and sexy!

Nails, earrings, shoes, bracelets, rings or necklaces….whatever you like most, never forget to accessorize those everyday or glamorous looks!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Olympics fashion review

I’m so sad the Olympics are over, I really enjoyed all sports and emotions that came with the winners and sadly with the ones that couldn’t make it to the medal stand; but we take with us great memories… and especially the fashion and glamour that we got to see at this 2012 London Olympics.

I have to start with the Royal family  (you may already know that I love them!) They attended most of the events and were present in plenty of the competitions. Of course Kate Middleton captured everyone’s attention with her fashionable looks at the different venues. William and Harry were also a great addition to the Olympics fashion.

And, the most important accessories at the Olympics? were the medals of course; the athletes from all around the world looked beautiful with that particular jewelry piece that will be with them forever. So, in pure Olympics fashion tradition and to carry on the games with your daily attire, I suggest gold, Silver and Bronze accessories!

How can I foget the host, London, a beautiful city that transformed itself completely to welcome all the Olympians and fans who gather there to enjoy different sports and competitions. This fashionable city adorned itself with beautiful lights and colors during the ceremonies and entertained people from all over the world with the best music of all times.

Finally I want to congratulate the competitors for such a great performance! They were a key ingredient to the success to such a magnificent and fashionable show!  

So I hope you enjoyed the London Olympics as much as I did; I will be patiently awaiting Rio, and in the meantime switch my fashion attention to other events, red carpets, or the city streets.

Check our latest accessories: liquid metal jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez, exotic, original and dazzling Katch by Kathy Flesch, tribal artisan fresh bracelets by Pajaro Limon and glassy colorful necklaces by Lattimo

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fashion at the London Olympics

I am very exited about the Olympics; four years seem to be a loooong time for me… But now I’m enjoying the wide array of sports, but most importantly to dissect the fashion on the fields, pools, courts, etc but also at the paddocks, stands and sidelines.

Mainstream famous brands as well as exclusive designers have hefty contracts with entire nations, or at least with specific sports within a country, say gymnastics, synchronized swimming, tennis amongst others.

Rumor has it that Giorgio Armani is said to be designing for the Italian team (can’t wait to see that), and Ralph Laurent will repeat this time with Team USA. Also, well know designer Stella McCartey will dress in fashion the host nation team: Great Britain.

There will be different venues from the opening ceremony with starting flag barriers, the warm ups, the medal event and the closing ceremony. All in fashion and glamour. But how about accessories?  How would you accessorize each team? You can just go with casual attire? Jewelry can make any outfit a fashion statement. So my recommendation will be to accessorize the looks with the following pieces:

Enjoy the Olympics and the fashion that comes with it!