Thursday, October 4, 2012

It’s all about the Nails!

The latest trend these days is nails… you can find all kinds of colors… and not only that, now you can accessorize your nails with sparkles and textures I haven’t seen before. It became a real accessory after all!!!

And because I am obsessed with accessories I decided to learn more about the latest trend in nails.

I found out that you can still go with a traditional look…reds, purples and berries are very hot this fall!

Or you can add some sparkles and texture to your nails for special occasions or simply just for fun!

You can go a little bit more romantic and add some lace to your pink nails… so much fun!

And finally, for those who like a more exotic approach, you can pick the leopard, the tiger or the zebra and make your nails go crazy and sexy!

Nails, earrings, shoes, bracelets, rings or necklaces….whatever you like most, never forget to accessorize those everyday or glamorous looks!!

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