Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Got Color?

So what’s hot this summer? Definitely colors and tons of them…

Fashion designers agree on the simple fact that “One of the outstanding spring summer 2011 trends are Neons. All over color or trim Neon will be a great way to make expression this spring and summer. Bright rainbow colors are mixed and matched with neons. Such as electric blue, hot pink, lime green, purple, fluorescent orange and yellow.”

Additionally, when it gets to prints, electric is the way to go; “This spring/ summer trend for 2011 designers are breaking the traditional rule of print by mixing unique patterns together. This season mixes different type of floral and animal prints. The dominated patterns themes of the season are plaids, paisley, floral, animal print, stripes and even fruit.  Be confident and wear them all at once.”

As far as fashion jewelry and accessories, we’re confident that bright colors and hues will dominate this summer over the 80s fashion stripes and polka-dots.  All over fashion boards, blogs and magazines we’re seeing acrylic beads (which are available in different colors) working great to make colorful summer jewelry.

Another trend this colorful summer for jewelry is the earthly, natural look. Materials such as shell and wood are in great demand this summer fashion season. Shells, gemstones and wood beads are great options for this summer to make a style statement. The idea is to mimic or replicate elements found in nature, especially those stuffs without structure. Let chunky stones be your best friend this season. But always use color!

And if you’re going with colors, go edgy… go all the way, let your accessories make a statement of how beautiful you are… let the fashion bracelet and artisan necklace transform that every day look you have into a fresh yet powerful summer diva. As I always say, accessories can transform (almost) every look. Lady Gaga didn’t become an icon by dressing safe… not that you need to go out inside an egg, but take some risk this summer, add some neon, some electric prints, earthy fashion jewelry, and definitely COLOR.

If you have plain silver… add a colorful stone! For the everyday look, mix bright colorful glass!

Enjoy this summer and before you go out, ask yourself… Got Color?