Friday, August 3, 2012

Fashion at the London Olympics

I am very exited about the Olympics; four years seem to be a loooong time for me… But now I’m enjoying the wide array of sports, but most importantly to dissect the fashion on the fields, pools, courts, etc but also at the paddocks, stands and sidelines.

Mainstream famous brands as well as exclusive designers have hefty contracts with entire nations, or at least with specific sports within a country, say gymnastics, synchronized swimming, tennis amongst others.

Rumor has it that Giorgio Armani is said to be designing for the Italian team (can’t wait to see that), and Ralph Laurent will repeat this time with Team USA. Also, well know designer Stella McCartey will dress in fashion the host nation team: Great Britain.

There will be different venues from the opening ceremony with starting flag barriers, the warm ups, the medal event and the closing ceremony. All in fashion and glamour. But how about accessories?  How would you accessorize each team? You can just go with casual attire? Jewelry can make any outfit a fashion statement. So my recommendation will be to accessorize the looks with the following pieces:

Enjoy the Olympics and the fashion that comes with it!

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