Thursday, May 5, 2011

All Moms are beautiful

We are only a couple of days away from Mother’s Day and what a perfect day to show MOM how much we love her and care for how she feels and looks. So, I found this day as the perfect occasion to give her something unique, something that she will always remembered as your Mother’s Day gift and the most important….that she will feel beautiful, chic, elegant and sophisticated, with a little edge… because we believe All Moms Are Beautiful.
I decided to put together a few pieces that I strongly believe make the perfect gift for Mom and no matters what her style is, she will feel pretty, beautiful… because each piece embraces different personalities and styles.
I consider myself a bit exotic; therefore the first piece I want to show is all about exotic, tribal and artisan jewelry. This is a Pajaro Limon (pah’-hah-ro le-mone’) beautiful bracelet made in brass and cooper that meshed together form the shape of a surreal parrot and embracing a tree leave. []

My second suggestion for Mother’s Day gift is a Liquid Metal bracelet; more edgy, modern, but red-carpet ready designed by famous and friend of the MetalReaction family Sergio Gutierrez; as you may know many celebrities including beautiful Annete Bening have worn Sergio’s Liquid Metal designs. []

Next I want to introduce you to Lattimo, a glassy collection full of colors and shapes. This necklace, made in chain and adorned with five colored glass jewelry pieces is perfect for and everyday mom who wants to feel young and happy [].

And my last suggestion comes from NOI; all the pieces on this collection are made in pure South American silver. I personally love these earrings; the shape is very unique and chic… they are perfect for any accessorizing any look and feel pretty in any occasion [].

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!! We believe All Moms are beautiful

Check our latest accessories: liquid metal jewelry by Sergio Gutierrez, tribal artisan bracelets by Pajaro Limon, glassy colorful necklaces by Lattimo, and silver earrings by Noi

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  1. Mother's Day is already gone but great jewelry collections!! Loved the bracelet and the glass necklace. Thanks for sharing