Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Carpet ready

It’s summer time!... and what a perfect time for the premier of awesome and fun movies It also give us, “fashion addicts”, some of the best collections of dresses and accessories on the red carpet. To stay focused, and just talk about fashion and red carpet I picked four movies that I think people are going to love… and since I’m not a movie critic,  I’m going to talk about what I like the most: Fashion!.

First we are going to check the “Friends with benefits” premier gala with beautiful Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. Let me say that she just looks sexy, classy, beautiful and happy in her form-fitting, three-quarter length red dress… I guess being right next to her co-star Timberlake would make anybody happy and look radiant. She adorned her look with a nice bracelet that complemented her look very well. He also looks great in his grey suit. What a perfect couple (gossip gossip gossip)!

Next stop is the “Smurfs” premier with beautiful and exotic Sofia Vergara (we love this Colombian beauty); did you see the earrings and bracelets she is wearing? Of course I love the dress but I have something special with accessories and she wore really modern yet elegant jewelry; perfect colors for summer …she was looking amazing.
Katy Perry is showing us another way to accessorize our look… yes, I am talking about the nails and how she “smurf” them for the movie premier. I personally wouldn’t go to work or out to a cocktail with smurf-like nails but the fashion industry is all about innovation!

The “Crazy Stupid Love” premier to me looked a little dark for summer time but I have to say, Emma Stone looked sexy and stunning in her black lacy outfit and I really liked how she wore those earrings, very good match for her makeup and hair.
My second favorite is going to be Marisa Tomel not only because of her dress but also her colorful bracelet perfect for summer and a nice complement for her champagne grey silky dress.

And my last movie, “Horrible bosses” with Jennifer Aniston. I don’t know what it is, but I just love her and the sense of fashion she has. In these pictures we can see her at the London and LA movie premier.
On the left, now at the London premier, she is wearing a Valentino dress in which I think she looks young, modern and very sophisticated, love her shoes and her hair. For the LA premier (right picture) se is looking sexier, wearing a short and sparkly black Balenciaga dress.

Not that many accessories to talk about for her but everything she wears is amazing and a perfect example of what fashion is all about; she looks so comfortable and confident that makes her look even better. Love her!

So, before you go out, check for fashion bracelets that can make you gorgeous, add a glass necklace, or beautiful artisan earrings accessorize, look pretty, be pretty… Check the movies out, make them your own premier, and rock the red carpet. Accessorize and be Pretty! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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