Tuesday, July 17, 2012

B stands for “Beauty” and “10”

I have always wondered why Sergio Gutierrez, the master mind artist behind the amazing Liquid Metal jewelry named his best seller bracelet B10, “the B10”?

It occurred to me that maybe it was a fixation with WWII aircrafts and powerful bombers; as you know all of them started with a capital letter B, followed by a number depicting size an bombing capacity; yes this bracelet is a bombshell but it wasn’t it.

I then explored if it was as a tribute to the infamous rock-ska-punk-gone commercial group the B-52’s, but after inquiring, that’s definitely not Sergio’s music taste.
I kept playing around with numbering, sequencing, code breaking attempts, but in reality I was probably over-thinking it.

The reality is much simpler than that, just like Sergio: the B stands for Bracelet, and the 10 is the sequencing number as the designs were created.
Some may say it’s boring, so I’m sorry if I spoiled the mystery. Let me make it up to you by offering an alternative ending to the story:

B stands for “Beauty” and “10”, well is just the number of perfection.

So be that perfect 10, and accessorize with Liquid Metal’s B10.

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