Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wimbledon, London, Olympics, Jewelry and Fashion

The countdown has began and the London Summer Olympics are just around the corner; but another historic event its kicking off this week in the same grounds with same flare, glamour and stylish English fashion: Wimbledon, tennis all time favorite tournament. The women’s bracket is an even field, when we talked about the sport itself, but what about the fashion style each one of them brings? On this blog I will try to cover some of the top ranked female tennis players attending Wimbledon and also returning to London in a few weeks for the Olympics, but besides covering their odds of taking home the trophy, I will focus in their unique fashion taste in and off the court, and will do my best to pair them up with suggested accessories providing you ideas on how to also take some of that Wimbledon/London/Olympics vibe home.

Let me get started with my all time favorite Maria Sharapova. I’m so glad she’s back at the top of the list; ranked number one in the world, she is by far not only the best current player, but the most elegant female athlete in and off the court.

Her classy skirts and dresses along with her tall and fit figure make for an astonishing look; for Maria, I will go with Katch Collection’s cuff and earrings pairing; my recommendation will be to accessorize and match her style by wearing the Enchanted cuff along with the matching Posh earrings; just the perfect combination for this Russian superstar.

Number two in the world is Azarenka, from Belarus; this 22 year old superstar is ready for revenge; after taking spot #1 spot last year, she has struggled with the pressure and fall to #2; rumor has it that she is solely focused on Wimbledon’s grass surface in order to regain tennis supremacy.

For her this youngster beauty I suggest pairing up a delicate N15 necklace by Liquid Metal, along with matching bracelet B10 and earrings E16; off-course this is recommended for off the court fashion, but you never know.

And last but not least on my review, Serena Williams; she’s now ranked #6 in the world, but Serena can take on any tournament even if not ranked, and regardless she will make a fashion statement. People may like or dislike her style, but one thing is sure, Serena will take her fashion sense into the court and play as comfortable as if she was not fully accessorized.

And for Serena, I will go flashy, sparkling, fashion statement, not to even chance to go unnoticed. I will go all the way with a wide bracelet from Sergio Gutierrez’ Liquid Metal B11, paired along with symmetric N5 necklace and extra large earrings E31; yes she will be an icon.
Now for you, enjoy Wimbledon, enjoy fashion, good tennis, and be ready for the London Summer Olympics, and don’t forget to accessorize “on and off” the court!