Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday season…the perfect excuse to accessorize

The Holiday season is upon us… It all begins with Thanksgiving Day… full of turkey and family reunions... then it is followed by Christmas (presents, carrolls, more food) and New Years Eve (more food), full of festivities and parties. I really love this part of the year… but I don’t want to go into details when it comes to all the food and drinks that come with it, I just don’t want to get stressed out before it even begins, I want to talk about the gifts, the fashion and the accessories that come with this beautiful time of the year.

One of the reasons why I love so much this season it’s because I love how cities dress up and accessorize to look accordingly; I love the lights, the decorations and just the feeling and the different air you can breath… Moscow lights are to die for, and New York city becomes a magical sight; Sidney, Los Angeles, Paris... the world is a happier place; presents are exchanged and we all want to do our good deed before the year is over: it’s giving season!!! 

The second reason why I love this time of the year it’s because you have so many family and friend reunions that you get to wear amazing fall and winter clothes combined with the best accessories out there.
Starting with all the beautiful scarves, hats, jackets, sweaters and gloves that help you go through the painful cold weather. Layers and layers, chic, elegant, comfortable, and warm.

… and finishing with the traditional yet modern and fashionable bracelets, earrings and necklaces you can wear to make you look incredible and season ready. How about Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal fashion bracelet, or chic necklace; or glassy collection by Lattimo?

So before you eat turkey until feeling sick, and before you put up the Christmas tree, before you buy last minute presents for close friends and family, before you get singing Christmas carrolls, or go to the mall to see Santa… before you do all that: Check your closet, check your wardrobe, and ask yourself: are you ready for next year? Do you have what it takes to begin the year shining? Are you wearing the same sweater for the third year in a row to the thanksgiving reunion? Or the same necklace and the same boring bracelet?.

If so, it may be the right time to accessorize, and just like some of the most outstanding cities in the world do, wear the best of your collection, be the center of attraction, the target of all looks, and shine at this holiday reunions at the office with friends and family, wearing amazing jewelry, accessories which can transform your everyday look into an icon: Accessorize!