Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A conversation with a friend, fashion jewelry designer and a trendsetter

Because we love fashion jewelry and we love jewelry designers, we reach out to our friend Kathy Flesh for a brief conversation. She is now part of our exclusive fashion jewelry designers and comes to our boutique with her unique jewelry collection: Exotic. Original. Dazzling. Katch by Kathy Flesch.

We sat down in her Miami home overlooking the ocean; we enjoyed a delicious latte with pastries and talked about accessories, fashion, trends and her future as a jewelry designer; we discovered that with an eye for style and the talent to make a vision into reality, jewelry designer Kathy Flesch creates feminine, fun pieces that are as dynamic as the women who wear them.
Katch collection

So as we brought you new and exclusive designers, we also bring you the stories of the designers who make these pieces a reality. Here’s is our exclusive interview with Kathy Flesh, designer of Katch… Our new designer:

      MetalReaction: Kathy, why do you believe that accessories have the power to transform the simplest look into a fashion statement?
Kathy Flesh: Accessories have the power to convert any outfit into something special. You could be wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans, and compliment it with a statement necklace or a cuff, and you will set the difference. This is because people use accessories to express themselves and complete their looks. Accessories can be compared to toppings in a cake. They are the ones that add the final touch.

      MetalReaction: Can you describe the Katch Woman? Where is she going? What do you want her to feel? How do you want her to feel?
Kathy Flesh: Women who wear Katch have to love attention, be confident, full of life, modern and versatile. I designed pieces that woman could wear in any occasion; from a cocktail party to a business meeting.
Confidence cuff

      MetalReaction: If you had a chance to be someone other than a jewelry designer, what would you be?
Kathy Flesh: If I had to do something else I would be a fashion designer. I would have my own clothing brand.

      MetalReaction: What do you like the most about the latest fashion trends? What do you hate?
Kathy Flesh: I love the new fashion trends: bright colors, metallics, lots of prints and dramatic earrings. I also love 2012’s color, tangerine. I don’t hate anything about this year’s trends. In fashion you have to be very open-minded; that’s what fashion is all about.

      MetalReaction: What’s next for Katch? New trends? New markets? New looks?
Kathy Flesh: My plan with Katch is to evolve into a special brand and become a household name. Katch will be full of design and colors. It will continue to expand and eventually be part of more high-end retailers.

      MetalReaction: Any advice for new jewelry designers getting started in the fashion industry?
Kathy Flesh: My advice to any jewelry designer is to think out of the box. You have to follow your heart and be perseverant in anything you do. It’s a very competitive industry and you have to set yourself apart.

Katch collection

Kathy uses semi-precious stones and crystals set in rich golden and silver metals to create intriguing contrast. Regardless of which unique piece a woman wears, she’ll be sure to KATCH a compliment.