Friday, July 8, 2011

The Icing on the Cake

And history repeats itself; another Prince is marrying a commoner against all family traditions in Europe monarchies. Few years ago Prince Felipe of Spain married (gorgeous) Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, a broadcast journalist… I remember waking up at three a.m. to watch this big event.
Then, I’m sure you all know about (unless you were in Jupiter for the last three months) Prince William, now named “Duke of Cambridge” after marrying (classy) Kate Middelton a British commoner that we all love…and we love how fashionable she is.
Finally this past weekend, another royalty wedding took place, Prince Albert of Monaco married commoner Charlene Wittstock, a South African Olympic swimmer; and as expected in this kind of events it was another weekend of delightful fashion, dresses, glamour and off course: accessories which in my world are the icing on the cake!

Yes we all heard the rumors of the Prince having an 18-month-old baby with another woman, and Charlene making three attempts to leave for South Africa… but that’s the least of my concerns, the wedding came through and along came the fashion!

As always let’s begin with the bride who wore a beautiful off-white Giorgio Armani dress (which took 2,500 hours to make) for the religious ceremony… and the accessories: her veil and bouquet.
The veil was adorned with a beautiful headpiece; a crystal floral accessory used to secure her hair…an elegant and sophisticated jewelry to complement her wedding look.
As always, in this type of events, the attendees also give us a lot to talk about in terms of fashion. Here I have a few examples; Karolina Kurkova, wearing a lovely headband as her hair accessory, Charlotte of Monaco with another fashionable accessory for her hair and face that to me is a classic but sophisticated piece that made her look elegant but fashion-forward at the same time. Finally I have Roberta Armani and Naomi Campbell with the traditional royal accessory: the hats; both looking beautiful and perfect for the occasion.
…and the icing on the cake: an enormous 5-tier cake hopefully enough for the 850 VIP guests who joined the new couple in celebration… so even for a wedding the highlight of the event were the accessories!!!
So, before you go out, check for fashion bracelets that can make you gorgeous, add a glass necklace or beautiful artisan earrings … accessorize!, look pretty, be pretty… remember: the icing is on the cake!

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